Learn how to enhance or totally change the appearance of the natural eyebrow. This treatment is great for clients with or without natural eyebrows. They will see an instant result after this treatment, their natural eyebrows will transform to darker, fuller and perfectly shaped brows which will totally transform their face.

Eyebrow Extensions are small synthetic hairs that look like real hair. They are applied to the clients natural eyebrow hair to create a fuller, thicker and longer eyebrow.

We will teach you the best application method to achieve the best results. You can watch the step by step video tutorials as many times as you like until you feel ready to deliver this fantastic treatment.

Depending on your location, Eyebrow Extension treatments can start from £50 all the way up to £150 per client! With many clients coming back every 1-3 weeks for another treatment.

All our courses are accredited and insurable, this means that after you have completed and passed the Eyebrow Extension Course, you will be able to gain public liability insurance so that you are able to carry out this treatment on the general public and charge for it.

This course is suitable for:

Anyone who wants to learn something new

Suitable for beginners and existing therapists

Women and men who want to earn some extra money providing this treatment

Anyone wanting to start their own therapy business